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    Dneprostroi noch'iu (Dnieprostoy at night)
    Untitled, from the series Krasnaia Niva (Red Cornfield) #4
    Untitled, from the series Krasnaia Niva (Red Cornfield) #20
    Plan provedeniia tirazhei vyigryshei po gosudarstvennym zaimam v 1946 godu (Plan for conducting circulation gains for the state loans in 1946)
    Pozdravliaem s prazdnikom XXIX godovshchiny Velikogo Oktiabria! (Congratulations on the holiday of the 29th anniversary of the Great October Revolution!)
    Da zdravstvuet vsenarodnym kandidat v deputaty verkhovnogo soveta SSSR, Velikii Stalin! (Long live the national candidate for the delegates of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Great Stalin!)
    My za mir! I pesniu etu ponesem, druz’ia, po svetu! (We are for peace! And this song we will carry, friends, throughout the world!)
    Chto ne rydala v gore mat’, my mir klianemsia otstoiat’! (So that mother will not wail in grief, we vow to defend the peace!