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    Da zdravstvuet vsenarodnym kandidat v deputaty verkhovnogo soveta SSSR, Velikii Stalin! (Long live the national candidate for the delegates of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Great Stalin!)
    My za mir! I pesniu etu ponesem, druz’ia, po svetu! (We are for peace! And this song we will carry, friends, throughout the world!)
    Chto ne rydala v gore mat’, my mir klianemsia otstoiat’! (So that mother will not wail in grief, we vow to defend the peace!
    Russkie prusskikh vsegda bivali! (Russians Have Always Defeated Prussians!)
    Na zavode sel'skokhoziaistvennykh mashin (sborka mashin sposobom "konveier") (At a Factory for Agricultural Machines [the Assembly of Machines Using a "Conveyor"])
    Valerii Chkalov, Khudozhestvennyi fil'm (Valery Chkalov, a Feature Film)
    Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin