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    Minister of the Right in Kamakura (Kamakura Udaijin), from the series Six Immortal Samurai Poets (Buke Rokkasen)
    Dong Ping (Tō Hei),  from the series The Five Tiger Generals of “Heroes of the Water Margin,” No. 4 (Suikoden Go Ko-shōgun: Sono Yon)
    Kabuki Stage with a Curtain Lifting to Reveal Three Kabuki Actors
    Ichikawa Danjūrō VII as Arajishi Otokonosuke Looking at Himself in a Hand Mirror
    Ichikawa Danjūrō VII as Gongorō Kagemasa
    Ise Bay (Ise tsu), from the series Impressions of Spring (Shunkyō)
    Asahina Storming the Gate (Asahina mon yaburi), from the series Three Stormings (Haitatsu sanban)
    Emperor Yūryaku Wrestles a Wild Boar, from the series The Twelve Animals of the Zodiac (Jūnishi)
    Eight Drunken Immortals (Inchū hassen), from the series Ten Famous Numbers (Meisū jūban)
    Bamboo Flute (Shakuhachi), from the series Catalogue of the Arts (Shogei zukushi)