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    Tea house Scene. "Ich iriki" Heiyemon dragging out the spy Kudayu: Forty-Seven Ronin, Act VII
    Fuji from Lumber Yard at Honjo, Tatekawa, from the series Thirty Six Views of Mount Fuji
    Returning Sail of the Hanging Scroll: Eight Parlor Views
    The Umbrella Leap
    The Actor Arashi Ryuzo as the Moneylender Ishibe no Kinkichi, from the play The Iris Soga of the Bunroku Period
    Seven Gods of Good Fortune
    Young girl with a lantern
    Geisha with her maid on her way to an engagement
    The Loyal League of Forty-seven Ronin (Chushingura) Act XI, No. 3: The Night Attack Moronao seized by the Ronin
    Ono no Komachi from Portraits of Six Poets