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    Za solidarnost' zhenshchin mira! (For the solidarity of women across the world!)
    Ot takogo zapasa—ni moloka ni miasa (From this supply there is neither milk nor meat)
    Chtob razbudit' vse sily chelovech'i nuzhna byla oktiabr'skaia groza (In order to awaken all the powers of humanity, the October storm was necessary)
    Za takoi "trud"—tovarishcheskii sud! (For this "work"—the burlaw court!)
    P'ianstvo—vrag rabote liuboi; p'ianstvu—boi! (Drunkenness is an enemy to any kind of work; destroy drunkenness!)
    Opomnites'! (Come to your senses!)
    V svoem dele byt' pervym! (Be the first in your case!)
    V svoem raione neustanno my den' i noch' nesem dozor, i vsiudu p'ianym khuliganam daem reshitel'nyi otpor! (In our neighborhood we keep watch tirelessly, day and night, and we give a decisive rebuff to drunken hooligans everywhere!)
    9 maia (May 9th)
    Tovarishch Lenin (Comrade Lenin)