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    Saint Francis Consoled by a Musical Angel
    Topografia delle Fabbriche Scoperte nella Città di Pompei . . .  (Topography of the buildings uncovered in the city of Pompeii . . . )
    IOANNIS BAPTISTAE PIRANESII ANTIQUARIORUM REGIAE SOCIETATIS LONDINENSIS SOCII CAMPUS MARTIUS ANTIQUAE URBIS (Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Fellow of the Royal Society of Antiquaries, The Campus Martius of Ancient Rome)
    Le Portique a la lanterne (The Portico with the Lantern), from the series Vedute (Views)
    Male and Female Seal II
    S. Giustina in Prà della Valle, from the series Vedute (Views)
    Prà della Valle, from the series Vedute (Views)
    The Judgment of Paris
    Battle of the Sea Gods (left half)
    Veduta delle Cascatelle a Tivoli (View of the Small Waterfalls at Tivoli), from Vedute di Roma