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    Oktiabrenok, ne zabud'—chestnym i pravdivym bud'! (Little Octobrist, don't forget—be honest and truthful!)
    Stroiteli sverdlovskoi oblasti! Vsemerno borites' za snizhenie stoimosti stroitel'stva! (Construction workers of the Sverdlovsk region! Strive to reduce the cost of construction in every way possible!)
    Vosstanovim! (We Will Rebuild!)
    Vsei sem'ei na novye mesta (The entire family off to new places)
    Greiderist! Perevozit' liudei na greidere nedopustimo (Grader driver! Transporting people on the grader is unacceptable)
    Nash kon (Our steed)
    Zasedatel'skii ogrekh (Administrative flaw)
    Msti za gore naroda! (Revenge for the People's Grief!)
    Plan vypolnim! (We will fulfill the plan!)
    [Two peasants in ceremonial ethnic attire banking]