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    Coney Island
    Josephine Baker sings at a charity affair in Paris
    Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong in a swing version of A Midsummer Night's Dream, at Rockefeller Center
    At Ballanchine's School at Carnegie Hall, Ballet Studio
    Dancers in Air, U.S. Ballet
    Ballet practice at the Grand Opera, Paris
    Pitcher warming up to pitching game, Randall's Island, NY
    Umpire and Catcher during game at Randall's Island, NY
    Parisians, like all French people, are fond of kissing each other. They do it openly and without restraint in all parts of the city, and nobody minds.
    Mother brings baby with her to the cafe. This is a frequent sight in Paris especially as a consequence of the French law prohibiting parents from leaving children unguarded in the house.