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    Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin
    Dadim strane v 1950 godu 25,4 milliona tonn stali! (Let's Give the Country 25.4 Million Tons of Steel in 1950!)
    1 maia—Da zdravstvuet velikii Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik! (May 1st—Long Live the Great Union of Soviet Socialist Republics!
    60 SSSR (60 USSR)
    Iunoshi i devushki! (Young Men and Women!)
    Sud'i nezavisimy i podchiniaiutsia tol'ko zakonu! (For Socialist Law, for State Discipline!)
    Trudiashchiesia Moskvy! (Workers of Moscow!)
    Vosemnadtsatyi god (The eighteenth year
    Slava vdokhnovennomu trudu i nauke! (Glory to inspired labor and science!)
    S iunykh let k trudu i znaniiu put' otkryt pered toboi, obladaesh' pri zhelanii ty professii liuboi! (From a young age, the path to work and knowledge is open before you, you can have any profession that you would like!)