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    Two Bullfinches on a Double-Petalled Cherry Tree (Uso ni Yae-zakura)
    Of Three Pieces [Peacock] (Mi hira no uchi)
    Still‑Life with a Ceramic Stroking‑Ox (Nade‑ushi)
    Still Life with Drums
    Three Views of Japan (Nihon sankei), with Miyajima in Aki (Aki no Miyajima), Bridge to Heaven (Tango Hashidate) (commonly Ama no Hashidate), and Pine Islands in Ōshū (Ōshū Matsushima)
    Three Crabs at Water’s Edge
    Sōma Ware (Sōma yaki), from the series Horse Compendium (Uma zukushi)
    Poet's Studio in Homage to Bashō
    Seahorses before a Rising New Year's Sun