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    The Elopement of O-Some and Hisamatsu: Heroes and heroines of Joruri Puppet Numbers
    Aoi-Hime Calling Upon Rokujo-hime
    Geese Descending at Katada: Eight Views of Omi
    Shrine at Takibi on Oki Island (from the series Famous Views of the Sixty-odd Provinces)
    Woman washing cloth by Mishima : Six Tama Rivers
    Woman washing clothes by the Chofu River: Six Tama Rivers
    Kyoka poet Imada Heyazumi
    Kyoka poet Honen Yukimaro
    The Moon in Smoke: #22 of One Hundred Aspects of the Moon
    Kanazawa in Moonlight (Buyo Kanazawa Hassho Yakei)