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    En la plaza (In the Marketplace)
    1 de julio—1936. Y el enano cobarde y aesino autor de la matanza huyo de Yucatan. Frente unico de trabajadores del volante (July 1, 1936. And the Cowardly Dwarf and Murderous Perpetrator of the Massacre Fled from Yucatan. United Front of Taxi Drivers)
    Madre (Mother)
    Untitled [Two figures, sketchy, except one man's face in detail]
    Constantino A. Oumansky
    Indígena (Native Woman)
    Las semillas mejoradas de maíz, afirmarán tu futuro (The Improved Corn Seeds Will Affirm Your Future)
    Lic. Don Benito Juárez: Homenaje de la juventud mexicana (Lic. Don Benito Juárez: Homage of Mexican Youth)
    1886 1º de mayo 1949: Guerra contra la guerra (1886 May 1, 1949: War against War)
    Homenaje a Benito Juárez, forjador de la nación (Tribute to Benito Juárez, Founder of the Nation)