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    Slavnye sokoly goroda Lenina (The Glorious Falcons of the City of Lenin)
    Net nichego vyshe, kak zvanie chlena partii Lenina-Stalina (There Is Nothing Greater Than the Title of Member of Lenin and Stalin's Party!)
    Da zdravstvuet 1 maia (Long Live the 1st of May)
    Stalinskuiu piatiletku perevypolnim! (We Will Surpass Stalin's Five-Year Plan!)
    Mir narodam! (Peace for the People!)
    Za podlinno samootverzhennoe uchastie i proiavlennyi entuziazm (For Genuinely Selfless Participation and Having Shown Enthusiasm)
    Sobrat' ne menee 127 millionov tonn zerna v 1950 godu (Harvest No Less Than 127 Million Tons of Grain in 1950)
    Da zdravstvuet vsenarodnym kandidat v deputaty verkhovnogo soveta SSSR, Velikii Stalin! (Long Live the National Candidate for the Delegates of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Great Stalin!)
    Da zdravstvuet vsesoiuznyi den' fizkul'turnika! (Long Live the All-Union Day of Physical Culture!)
    Velikii Stalin—svetoch kommunizma! (The Great Stalin—The Torch of Communism!)