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    Otstoim Moskvu! (We Will Defend Moscow!)
    Khorosho trudit'sia—khleb urodit'sia! (If You Work Well, You Grow Bread!)
    4 marta 1979 goda—Den' vyborov v verkhovnyi sovet SSSR (March 4th, 1979—Election Day for the Supreme Soviet of the USSR)
    Slava vooruzhennym silam SSSR, oderzhavshim pobedu nad Iaponiei! (Glory to the Armed Forces of the USSR for Defeating Japan!)
    Ne unesut fashistov nogi—dob'iu vraga v ego berloga! (The Fascists' Legs Will Not Carry Them Away—I Will Beat the Enemy All the Way in His Lair!)
    Za rodinu, za chest', za svobodu! (For the Motherland, for Honor, for Freedom!)
    Nas vyrastil Stalin na vernost' narodu! (Stalin Raised Us to Be in Allegiance with the People!)
    Rodina, vstrechai geroev! (Motherland, Greet the Heroes!)
    Za vysokii urozhai! (For a High Harvest Yield!)
    Slava ne razdaetsia, a zavoevyvaetsia! M.I. Kalinin (Glory Is Not Distributed, but Conquered! M. I. Kalinin)