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    Mnogo sneg nakopil—goru khleba poluchil! (Lots of Snow Has Accumulated—We Will Get a Mountain of Grain)
    Beregite, khranite, kak zenitsu oka, zemliu, khleb, fabriki, orudiia, produkty, transport . . . V.I. Lenin (Look after and Guard Like the Apple of Your Eye Your land, Bread, Factories, Tools, Food, Transportation . . . V. I. Lenin)
    Proveriat' liudei i proveriat' fakticheskoe ispolnenie dela (Check on People and check on the Actual Execution of Business)
    Nash deviz: 2 dnia v godu rabotat' na sekonomlennom toplive! (Our Motto: Run on Fuel Savings for Two Days a Year!)
    Esli vyros kolos tuchnyi, v rezul'tate vsekh zabot, znachit istinno nauchnyi byl proiavlen zdes' pokhod (If as a Result of This Care, a Healthy Stalk Grows, then a Truly Scientific Approach Was Used)
    Kosmicheskie orbity pentagona (Space Orbits of the Pentagon)
    Nado otnosit'sia k delu otvetstvenno, kak velit sovest', obiazyvaet dolg (We Must Address Business Responsibly, as Our Conscience Orders, as Duty Obliges)
    S novym, 1988 godom! Mira, schast'ia zdorov'ia, uspekhov, v trude! (Happy New Year 1988! Peace, Happiness, Health, Labor Victories!), from the series V pomoshch' khudozhniku-oformiteliu i organizatoru nagliadnoi agitatsii (To Assist the Graphic Designer and Organizer of Visual Agitation)
    Pobeda oktiabria—glavnoe sobytie XX veka (The Victory of October—The Main Event of the 20th Century)
    Rabotai, uchis' i zhivi dlia naroda, sovetskoi strany pioner! (Soviet Pioneer, Work, Study and Live for the People!)