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    AFGHANISTAN. Mian Poshteh, Helmand. 2009. Marines on patrol minutes before an IED was triggered. Although the patrol had cautiously swept the road with metal detectors, they’d failed to find the device. Many of the improvised bombs in Afghanistan contained no metal. They were made of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, both impossible to detect. Sometimes insurgents would bury screws and other small piece of metal to confuse and exhaust the advancing Marines, while masking the true location of the bombs.
    AFGHANISTAN. Garmsir, Helmand. 2009. A gardener of a small health clinic. American Marines were visiting to check if medical supplies were needed. The Captain and a doctor had a conversation about okra. The Marine praised the Afghan way of preparing the vegetable in a stew with tomatoes and caramelized onions. He told the doctor that at home in South Carolina he just deep-fried it.
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