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    Narod i armiia—ediny (People and Army—United)
    Sovetskoe—znachit otlichnoe! (Soviet Means Excellence!)
    Vpered, za partiei Lenina! (Forward, for Lenin's Party!)
    Da zdravstvuet 8 marta! (Long Live the 8th of March!)
    Mostostroiteli! (Engine Builders!)
    Za svobodu, nezavisimost', antiimperialisticheskoe edinstvo vsekh narodov Afriki! (For Freedom, Independence, and Anti-Imperialist Unity of All the Nations of Africa!)
    1 maia—po zemle shagaet mai! Znamia druzhby podnimai! (May 1st—May Is Spreading across the Globe! Raise the Banner of Friendship!)
    Moia znaniia rodnomu kolkhozu! (My Knowledge Is for My Native Collective Farm!
    Tekhniku—na lineiku gotovnosti! (Machinery—on the Line of Preparedness!
    Ukhod s dushoi—dokhod bol'shoi! (Caring with Your Heart Means a Big Yield!