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    Moia znaniia rodnomu kolkhozu! (My knowledge is for my native collective farm!
    Tekhniku—na lineiku gotovnosti! (Machinery—on the line of preparedness!
    Ukhod s dushoi—dokhod bol'shoi! (Caring with your heart means a big yield!
    Gorda otchizna doblest'iu tankistov! (The fatherland takes pride in the prowess of its tankers!)
    Esli zdes' svobodnyi stroi, chto zh togda nazvat' tiur'moi? (If this here is a free system, well then what do you call prison?)
    Да здравствует III Коммунистический Интернационал! (Long Live the Third Communist International!)
    Istreblenie fashistskogo gnezda navsegda! (Destruction of the Fascist nest forever!)