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    Da zdravstvuet mirovaia sistema sotsializma! (Long Live the World System of Socialism!
), no. 5 of 5 from the series Lenin
    Vosemnadtsatyi god (The Eighteenth Year
    Slava vdokhnovennomu trudu i nauke! (Glory to Inspired Labor and Science!)
    S iunykh let k trudu i znaniiu put' otkryt pered toboi, obladaesh' pri zhelanii ty professii liuboi! (From a Young Age, the Path to Work and Knowledge Is Open Before You, You Can Have Any Profession That You Would Like!)
    Po leninskim mestam (Around Lenin's Places)
    Chto ne rydala v gore mat’, my mir klianemsia otstoiat’! (So That Mother Will Not Wail in Grief, We Vow To Defend the Peace!
    Nadezhdy nashi i serdtsa s toboi strana sovetov! (Our Hopes and Hearts Are with You, Country of Soviets!)
    Narod i armiia—ediny (People and Army—United)
    Sovetskoe—znachit otlichnoe! (Soviet Means Excellence!)
    Vpered, za partiei Lenina! (Forward, for Lenin's Party!)