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    Lockport, Erie Canal, illustration for Nathaniel Parker Willis's book American Scenery, Vol. II, opposite p. 110
    Calvacade in front of a Mosque
    My Tutor's Sweepstakes
    The Battle between Crib and Molineaux fought at Thissleton Gap in the County of Rutland Sept'r 28th  1811 for 600 Guineas.  It was terminated in 11 rounds, fought in 20 minutes, in which Crib was Victorius, the Moor was carried off senseless, with a
    Scene on the River. A Race Night
    The Varsity Eight Returning from Abingdon - Passing Homeward Bound Nuneham Parties
    The Oxford Boat
    Foul Play, or Humphreys and Johnson a Match for Mendoza