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    A green dress for cities and towns!
    歡度節日 (Celebrate the holiday)
    為完成和超額完成國家的建設計劃而奮鬥 (Strive to fulfill and exceed the nation’s construction plan)
    把餘糧賣給國家,支援工業建設,擴大農業生產! (Sell surplus grain to the state, support industrial construction and expand agricultural production!)
    學習紅軍長征的戰鬥精神,征服自然,建設我們的祖國。(Learn from the fighting spirit of the Red Army's Long March, conquer nature and build our motherland.)
    把餘糧賣給國家,支援國家建設 (Sell surplus grain to the state and support the nation’s construction)
    Who are we? Where are we going? From where?
    I would learn Russian just because Lenin spoke it