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    Lit'e traktornykh chastei po konveieru (Casting Tractor Parts on the Conveyor)
    Moshchnyi elevator (A Powerful Grain Elevator)
    Elektrifitsirovannyi kolkhoz (An Electrified Kolhoz)
    Prazdnik kollektivizatsii (Collectivization Celebration)
    Staleliteinyi tekh. Zavod "serp i molot" (A Steel Shop. The "Hammer and Sickle" Factory)
    Rasstrela kommunarov (Execution of the Communards)
    ЛЕНІН У РОБІТНИЧІМ ГУРТКУ (Lenin at a workers’ circle)
    Krasnoarmeitsy v derevne (Red Army Soldiers in the Countryside)
    Na strazhe (On Guard)
    Poslednei boi Chapaeva (The Last Battle of Chapayev)