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    Progul'shchikam i p'ianitsam pozor! (Shame on Slackers and Drunkards!)
    Strogim bud', kontrol' narodnyi, vymetaia sor negodnyi! A. Bezymensky (Be Strict, People's Control, while Sweeping Away Worthless Rubbish! A. Bezymensky)
    Nashe velikoi Sovetskoi rodine—slava! (Glory to Our Great Soviet Motherland!)
    Leninskim kursom! (Following Lenin's Course!)
    Rodine nashei—saliut pionerskii (The Pioneer Salute to Our Motherland!)
    Budu dostoin! (Be Worthy!)
    Vsia vlast' Sovetam! (All Power to the Soviets!
    1 maia—den' solidarnosti trudiashchikhsia vsego mira! (May 1st—Day of Solidarity among Working People of the Entire World!)
    KPSS—My govorim—Lenin, podrazumevaem—partiia, my govorim—partiia, podrazumevaem—Lenina. (CPSU—When We Say Lenin, We Mean the Party. When We Say the Party, We Mean Lenin.
    Demobilizovannyi—na stroiku! (Demobilized—to Work on the Construction Site!)