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    Courtesan Mishikizi of Yotsume- ya "New Prints of Model Bells"
    Mountains and Rivers along the Kiso Highway under Snow
    The Two-Sword Rocks at Bo Bay, Satsuma Province (from the series Famous Views of the Sixty-odd Provinces)
    Cosmetics and Tobacco Shop
    The Actors Segawa Kikunojo III as the Courtesan Katsuragi and Sawamura Sojuro III as Nagoya Sanza from the play Three Parasols of the Courtesan
    Kisen-hoshi and Otomo no Kuronushi composing poetry and attendant, Courtesans as the Six Poets
    One Hundred Aspects of the Moon #12: Benkei Calming the Waves at Daimotsu Bay
    Moon at Okawa bridge (Okawahashi kita, tsuki), from series: Famous Sites in Edo During the Kansei Period (1789-1801) (Kansei nenkan Edo meisho)"
    Chang Shun wrestling with Li K'uei in the Ching Yang River
    Clearing Mist at Asakusa : Eight Views of Chic Edo