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    Takikh zhenshchin ne byvalo i n moglo byt' v staroe vremia. Stalin (There Were Not and Could Not Be Such Women as These in the Old Days. Stalin.)
    Da zdravstvuet VKP, partiia lenina-stalina vdokhnovitel' i organizator nashikh pobed! (Long Live the All-Union Communist Party, the Party of Lenin and Stalin, Inspirer and Organizer of Our Victories!)
    Slava nashei geroicheskoi krasnoi armii (Glory to Our Heroic Red Army
    [Worker flourishing government bond before vision of industrialization]
    42,3 milliarda rublei assignovano v novoi piatiletke na zhilishchnoe stroitel'stvo (42.5 Billion Roubles Have Been Allocated for Housing Construction in the New Five-Year Plan
    S prazdnikom pobedy! 9 maia (Happy Victory Day! The 9th of May)
    Segodnia p'ian, zavtra p'ian i v rezul'tate sovran plan (Drunk Today, Drunk Tomorrow, and as a Result, You've Thwarted the Plan)
    Tovarishchi! vypolnim Stalinskoe zadanie—obraztsovogo provedem kapital'nyi remont zavoda! (Comrades! We Will Fulfill Stalin's Assignment—We Will Carry Out an Exemplary Major Renovation of the Factory!)
    Proizvodstvo tovarov shirokogo potrebleniia v nashei oblasti uvelichitsia po sravneniiu s 1945 godom (Let Us Increase Production and Improve the Quality of Consumer Goods and Food for the Population)
    Trudiashchiesia Smolenshchiny! (Workers of Smolensk!)