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    Pages from a Qur’an in Kufic Script
    Mahavira’s Parents Show Him the Sun and Moon, and They Celebrate His Birth, folio 19; and Mahavira Is Sent to School, and Mahavira is Married, folio 22 from a Dispersed Kalpa Sutra
    Page from the Persian Dictionary Farhang-i-Jahangiri
    A manuscript leaf with text in naskhi script
    Manuscript leaf written in nasta'liq script
    Sthulabhadra Takes the Form of a Lion, folio 69; and Mahavira Gives His Possessions to a Brahmin and Renounces His Worldly Life, folio 40 from a Dispersed Kalpa Sutra
    Leaf from a poetic manuscript
    Manuscript Folios
    Two Pages from a Qur’an
    Poem in Shikasta script