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    Della Magnificenza Bound with Osservazioni, Parere, and Della introduzione (On the Splendor and Architecture of the Romans Bound with Observations...,Opinions, and Introduction)
    Temple de Neptune à Pesto, vu de côté, et dessiné plus en grand qu'on ne le voit dans la première planche (Temple of Neptune at Paestum, Seen from the Side and Drawn on a Larger Scale than in the First Plate), from Différentes vues de . . . Pesto (Different Views of . . . Paestum)
    Le Rovine del Castello dell'Acqua Giulia (The Ruins of the Fountainhead of the Aqua Giulia)
    Title page, with Saint Jerome, plate 1, from Raccolta di alcuni disegni del Barberi [sic] da Cento detto il Guercino (Collection of Some Drawings Engraved after Barbieri da Cento, called Guercino)
    Mars, Venus, and Cupid
    The Rest on the Flight into Egypt
    The Skeletons, from Grotteschi (Grotesques)
    The Tomb of Nero, from Grotteschi (Grotesques)
    The Monumental Tablet, from Grotteschi (Grotesques)
    The Triumphal Arch, from Grotteschi (Grotesques)