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    Veliko rasstoianie, no blizki nashi serdtsa! (Separated by great distance, but our hearts are close!)
    Za vseobshchee i polnoe razoruzhenie (For general and complete disarmament)
    Boris' za pochetnoe zvanie! (Fight for the honorary title!)
    Univermag—bol'she tovarov khoroshikh i raznykh! (Department store—more good and varied products!)
    Slava pobediteliam vsesoiuznogo sorevnovaniia sel'skikh truzhenikov! (Glory to the Victors of the All-Union Competition of Agricultural Workers!)
    Village workers!
    Bud'te khoroshim khoziaevami obnovlennoi zemli! (Take good care of renewed land!)
    Gde trud vysoko chtut, tam i byt ne zabyt! (Where labor is highly valued, life is also not forgotten!)
    Nam na zemle khoziaevami byt'. Liubit' prirodu—rodinu liubit'! (We must take good care of the earth. To love nature is to love the Motherland!)
    Komsomol—shef Nechernozem'ia! (The Komsomol is in charge of the Nechernozem region)