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    O'Kane, the Brave Woman of Omi Province
    Ise Furuichi, Bizen-ya Odori no Zu (Dancing scene at the Bizen-ya in furuichi, Ise)
    Ukifune from the Tale of Genji
    The Actor Seki Sanjuro in a Samurai Role
    Sunrise at Futami-ga-Ura (triptych)
    Tokyo Meisho: Shinkei no uchi matsuchi-yama no kei (triptych) "Famous Places in the Eastern Captial. Real view of Matsuchi Hill on a Snowy Evening in the Second Lunar Month"
    Persimmon Gatherers
    Peacock and Peony
    Lake Hakone in Segami Province, from the series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji
    The first singing of the cuckoo at Tsukuda Island