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    The Actor Ichikawa Ennosuke III as Musashibo Benkei
    The Actor Ichimura Uzaemon XVII as Seno’o no Juro
    The actor Sawamura Tanosuke VI as Satsuki
    The Actor Nakamura Tokizo V as the Mistress Otomi
    The Actor Nakamura Utaemon VI as the Courtesan Chitose Dayu
    Sukedakaya Kodenji II as Ono Kudayu in Act 7
    The Actor Onoe Kikugoro VII as the Spirit of the Spider from Tsuchigumo
    Full Moon at Magome
    Tiny Flowers
    View of the Seacoast at Kokura in Buzen Province (from the series One Hundred Famous Views of the Provinces)