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    V.I. Lenin i Sovetskie Vooruzhennye sily (Lenin and the Soviet Armed Forces)
    Nash adres—stroiki piatiletki! (Our address—the construction sites of the Five-Year Plan!)
    Mir narodam! (Peace to the people!)
    Strane—nadezhnoe energoobespechenie! (A reliable energy supply for the country!)
    TsRU—politika gosudarstvennogo terrorizma (The CIA —politics of state terrorism)
    40-letiiu pobedy—nash vdokhnovennyi trud! (Our inspired labor is for the 40th anniversary of Victory!)
    Za beskhoziaistvennost'—k otvetu! (Respond to mismanagement—Intervene!)
    Lenin. Mir. Sotsializm. (Lenin. Peace. Socialism.)
    "Al'py" v Pressovom tsekhe ("The Alps" in the Press Shop), from the series Okno Pravda (Window Pravda) No. 2
    Slovo Leninu! (Lenin has the floor!)