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    ЯК КОРОВА БУДЕ В ТІЛІ - ТО Й ПРИБУТКИ У АРТІЛІ! (Once cows are well-fed, artels will make profits too!)
    ПО 113,4 ЦЕНТНЕРА КУКУРУДЗИ З ГЕКТАРА ЗІБРАЛА ЛАНКА Є. В. БЛАЖЕВСЬКОГО (The Unit of Ye. V. Blazhevs’kyi gathered 113,4 centners of corn from a hectare)
    March 12th—Election Day for the Supreme Soviet of the USSR
    Mir za vsei planete—za zhizn' v luchakh vesny, chtob materi i deti ne znali bed voiny! (For peace on the entire planet—for life in the rays of spring, so that mother and child never know the ills of war!)
    Um, chest', i sovest' nashei epokhi! (The mind, honor and conscience of our era!)
    Mezhdunarodnyi zhenskii den'—8 marta (The 8th of March—International Women's Day)
    Sotsialisticheskie obiazatel'stva trudiashchikhsia ukrainskoi SSR (The socialist commitment of workers of the Ukrainian SSR
    Vo imia mira, bezopasnosti, sotrudnichestva (In the name of peace, safety, collaboration)
    Deviatuiu piatiletku vypolnili, desiatuiu—vypolnim! (We carried out the ninth Five-Year Plan, let's carry out the tenth one!)
    Tret'emu, reshaiushchemu—udarnyi temp! (A shock pace for the third, decisive year!)