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    Takikh zhenshchin ne byvalo i n moglo byt' v staroe vremia. Stalin (There Were Not and Could Not Be Such Women as These in the Old Days. Stalin.)
    Da zdravstvuet VKP, partiia lenina-stalina vdokhnovitel' i organizator nashikh pobed! (Long Live the All-Union Communist Party, the Party of Lenin and Stalin, Inspirer and Organizer of Our Victories!)
    Slava nashei geroicheskoi krasnoi armii (Glory to Our Heroic Red Army
    Beregi narodnoe dobro! (Take Care of National Property!)
    Vsei sem'ei na novye mesta (The Entire Family off to New Places)
    Na postroike turksiba (On the Construction Site of the Turkestan-Siberia Railway)
    Lesnaia gavan' v sovetskoi Karelii (The Timber Harbor in Soviet Karelia)
    Dlia blaga sovetskogo naroda postroim novye elektrostantsiаm! (We Will Build New Power Plants for the Benefit of the Soviet People!)
    Chtob bylo bol'she moloka i miasa, gotov' kormov obil'nye zapasy! (Prepare an Ample Supply of Feed so that There Will Be More Milk and Meat!)
    Vneshniaia politika SSSR—politika mira (The Foreign Policy of the USSR—A Policy of Peace), from the series Vystavka podgotovlena kabinetom sotsial'no-ekonomicheskikh nauk Vyshei partiinoi shkoly pri KPSS (Exhibition Prepared by the Cabinet for Socialist-Economic Science of the Higher Party School of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union)