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    Narkomfin Communal House, Moscow
    The Observer and the Observed, no. 5
    Untitled study for Self Portrait (Frieze No. 4, Three panels)
    Untitled [Ray Laughing]
    Reaching Out, Operation Prairie, Mutter Ridge, Vietnam
    In Prayer, Operation Prairie, South Vietnam
    Self Portrait (Reclining Figure, Two Panels No. 2)
    Fruitbody #52
    New Orleans (Wheelchair Man), from the series A Shimmer of Possibility
    Path leading up to the mass grave site at Crni Vrh. To deter anyone from examining the site, the Serbs seeded the area with landmines. War crimes investigators have cleared the path and grave site so that they can recover the bodies, but the forests are marked as a still active minefield.