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    Lenin i teper' zhivee vsekh zhivykh. Nashe znan'e, sila, i oruzhie… V. Maiakovskii (Even now, Lenin is more alive than the living. Our knowledge, power and weapons... V. Mayakovsky)
    Uchimsia u Lenina. Vedi akkuratno i dobrosovestno schet deneg. (Learn from Lenin. Keep a regular and honest account of money.)
    "Prava cheloveka" po-amerikanski ("Human rights," the American way)
    Spasibo, doktor! (Thank you, doctor!)
    Daesh' piatiletku pionerskikh del! Mne, tebe, i vsei strane! (You are giving Pioneering deeds to the Five-Year Plan! For me, for you and for the entire country!)
    Pereplelis' v bol'shoi moei sud'be kolos'ia v pole i silosom v gerbe! (The ears of grain in the field and the ears of grain in the crest are intertwined in my great fate!)
    Ostanovit' gonku vooruzhenii! (Stop the arms race!)
    Uvazhat' drug druga! (Respect each other!)
    Vashim, tovarishch, serdtsem i imenem dumaem, dyshim, boremsia i zhivem! (We think, breathe, fight and live with your heart and name, Comrade!)
    Melioratsii—moshchnuiu nauchno-tekhnicheskuiu bazu! (Reclamation is a powerful scientific and technical basis!), no. 1 of 3 from the series Programme melioratsii—nash trud, opyt, i znaniia! (Our work, experience and knowledge for the land reclamation program!)