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    Bud' vezde peredovym! (Always be the first!)
    Kolkhoz v nizhne – volzhskom krae (A collective farm in the lower Volga region)
    Vybiraite v verkhovnyi sovet SSSR luchshikh synov i docherei nashego naroda! (Elect the best sons and daughters of our nation to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR!)
    Liubimyi Stalin—schast'e narodnoe! (Beloved Stalin—the happiness of the people!)
    Na strazhe (On guard)
    Poslednei boi Chapaeva (The last battle of Chapayev)
    Zdes' rastsvetet zhizn'! (Life is blooming here!)
    Khorosho trudit'sia—khleb urodit'sia! (If you work well, you grow bread!)
    Bol'she torfa Leningradu (More peat for Leningrad)
    Slava partii Lenina-Stalina—organizatoru pobedonosnykh vooruzhennykh sil SSSR! (Glory to the Party of Lenin and Stalin—organizer of the victorious armed forces of the USSR!)