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    Takikh zhenshchin ne byvalo i n moglo byt' v staroe vremia. Stalin (There were not and could not be such women as these in the old days. Stalin.)
    Bei, koli, goni, beri v polon! A. Suvorov (Hit them, strike them, chase them, take it to the full! A. Suvorov)
    Vse prekrasnoe v cheloveke ot luchei solntsa i ot moloka materi (All that is beautiful in a person comes from the rays of the sun and mother's milk)
    Ee put' (Her path)
    Za solidarnost' zhenshchin mira! (For the solidarity of women across the world!)
    Molodye stroiteli kommunizma! Vpered, k novym uspekham v trude i uchebe! (Young builders of communism! Forward, towards new victories in labor and study!)
    Stalinskuiu piatiletku perevypolnim! (We will surpass Stalin's Five-Year Plan!)
    Oktiabr'skaia revoliutsiia otkryla novuiu epokhu vsemirnoi istorii (The October Revolution opened a new period in world history)
    Vremia—vpered! (Time—forward!)
    Untitled, no. 1 of 3 from the series Eto ne dolzhno povtorit'sia! (This must not happen again!)