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    The Arts Council, The Sculpture of Matisse, And Three Paintings with Studies, 9 January - 22 February 1953, The Tate Gallery
    Poster of the Trumbull Gallery
    Varianty stendov dlia komiteta komsomola i leninskoi komnaty (Possibilities for setting up stands for Komsomol committee and Lenin rooms)
    V.I. Lenin i Sovetskie Vooruzhennye sily (Lenin and the Soviet Armed Forces)
    Povysit' urozhainost' i rasshirit' posevy sakharnoi svekly! (Increase the harvest yield and expand the plantings of sugar beets!)
    V novoi stalinskoi piatiletke podvizhnoi park zheleznykh dorog SSR uvelichit'sia (With Stalin's new Five-Year Plan, the rolling stock of railways in the USSR will increase
    Vyrastim v 1958 g. po 150 iagniat na 100 ovtsematok! (In 1958, we will raise 150 lambs per 100 ewes!)
    Sleduite primeru Telenkovoi i Balanchinoi! (Follow the example of Telenkova and Balandina!)
    Berite primer s peredovoi svinarki Mordovii Novikovoi! (Take example on the good swinherd Mordovia Novikova!)
    Podgotovka Kadrov za piatiletku 1946-1950 g. (Personnel training for the Five-Year Plan of 1946-1950)