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    Varianty stendov dlia komiteta komsomola i leninskoi komnaty (Possibilities for Setting Up Stands for Komsomol Committee and Lenin Rooms)
    Dwan Gallery poster
    The 29th Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting, February 26th - April 18th, 1965, at the Corcoran Gallery of Art
    Recent Still Life, Museum of Art, RISD, Feb. 23 - Apr. 3
    Christmas 1963
    City Center Joffrey Ballet, from the portfolio Seven Serigraphs by Seven Artists
    New York City Opera, from the portfolio Seven Serigraphs by Seven Artists
    Homenaje a Cárdenas (Homage to Cárdenas)
    1 de julio—1936. Y el enano cobarde y aesino autor de la matanza huyo de Yucatan. Frente unico de trabajadores del volante (July 1, 1936. And the Cowardly Dwarf and Murderous Perpetrator of the Massacre Fled from Yucatan. United Front of Taxi Drivers)
    Las semillas mejoradas de maíz, afirmarán tu futuro (The Improved Corn Seeds Will Affirm Your Future)