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    Seminarista iz tebia ne poluchilos', d'iachka—tozhe, poprobui porabotat' u nas moshchami. (We didn't make a seminary student of you, Deacon—also, try to do some work around us with the relics.
    Chekhiia, Moroviia, Sileziia (Czech Republic, Moravia, Silesia), from the series Novyi nastol'nyi atlas (New Tabletop Atlas)
    Zapadnaia i sredniaia germaniia (Western and Central Germany), from the series Novyi nastol'nyi atlas (New Tabletop Atlas)
    Zhaso—lider na rynke strakhovaniia zheleznodorozhnykh perevozok v Rossii (ZHASO—Leader in the Insurance Market for Railway Transport in Russia
    Bozhe tsaria khrani. Trekhsotletie Romanovykh. (God Save the Tsar. Tercentenary of the Romanovs.)
    Gorod (The City
    Kresty (Crosses)
    Nabliudateli (Observers)