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    Book from the Ground
    Cao-duode dao-ying (Haystack Reflection), from the series Five Series of Repetitions
    Tobacco Project: The Red Book
    努力學習馬克思列寧主義----毛澤東思想,建設繁榮富強的新中國! (Diligently study Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought, build a prosperous and strong new China!)
    在自願和互利的原則下,發展互助合作運動,逐步走向農業集体化! (Under the principles of free will and mutual benefit, let’s further the Mutual Aid and Cooperation Movement and gradually move towards agricultural collectivization!)
    Square Word Calligraphy
    提高工程質量,努力建設祖國。(Improve the quality of the project and strive to build the motherland.)
    在我國各族人民友好合作的大家庭裏,我們都有選舉權和被選舉權。(In the big family of our country in which all ethnic groups cooperate amicably, we all have the right to vote and the right to be elected.)
    斯大林、毛澤東引導着我們勝利前進! (Stalin and Mao Zedong guide our advance to victory!)
    歡度節日 (Celebrate the holiday)