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    Znamia sovetskoe, znamia narodnoe pust' ot pobedy k pobede vedet! (Let the Soviet flag, the people's flag carry us from victory to victory!)
    S prazdnikom, druz'ia! (Happy holiday, friends!)
    9 fevralia 1947 g. den' vyborov v verkhovnyi sovet RSFSR (February 9th 1947: Election day for the Supreme Soviet of the USSR)
    Zaderzhat' prestupnika—tvoi dolg! (Arresting criminals is your duty!)
    Materi vsego mira, borites' za mir! (Mothers of the world, fight for peace!)
    Pomni o sem'iakh uznikov kapitala (Remember the families of the prisoners of capital)
    Vybiraite v verkhovnyi sovet SSSR luchshikh synov i docherei nashego naroda! (Elect the best sons and daughters of our nation to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR!)
    Da zdravstvuet nepobedimoe znamia Lenina-Stalina! (Long live the invincible flag of Lenin and Stalin!)
    My shagaem v pervyi klass, vsia strana gliadit na nas! (We are starting first grade and the whole country is looking at us!)
    Molodye stroiteli kommunizma! Vpered, k novym uspekham v trude i uchebe! (Young builders of communism! Forward, towards new victories in labor and study!)