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    Various from State Bank of the USSR
    3 Kopeks from State Bank of the USSR
    Takikh zhenshchin ne byvalo i n moglo byt' v staroe vremia. Stalin (There Were Not and Could Not Be Such Women As These in the Old Days. Stalin.)
    Tovarishchi! vypolnim Stalinskoe zadanie—obraztsovogo provedem kapital'nyi remont zavoda! (Comrades! We will fulfill Stalin's assignment—we will carry out an exemplary major renovation of the factory!)
    Proizvodstvo tovarov shirokogo potrebleniia v nashei oblasti uvelichitsia po sravneniiu s 1945 godom (Let us increase production and improve the quality of consumer goods and food for the population)
    Na postroike turksiba (On the Construction Site of the Turkestan-Siberia Railway)
    Lesnaia gavan' v sovetskoi Karelii (The Timber Harbor in Soviet Karelia)
    Na zavode sel'skokhoziaistvennykh mashin (sborka mashin sposobom "konveier") (At a Factory for Agricultural Machines [the Assembly of Machines Using a "Conveyor"])
    Nepreryvka (Uninterrupted Work)
    Sorevnuites' za pochetnoe zvanie frontovikov truda! (Compete for the Honorary Title of Front-Line Work!)