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    Tsirk—tsirk—tsirk—klouny (Circus—circus—circus—clowns

    Konstitutsiia soiuza sovetskikh sotsialisticheskikh respublik (Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
    Spasibo, doktor! (Thank you, doctor!)
    Mnogo sneg nakopil—goru khleba poluchil! (Lots of snow has accumulated and we will get a mountain of grain)
    Daesh' piatiletku pionerskikh del! Mne, tebe, i vsei strane! (You are giving Pioneering deeds to the Five-Year Plan! For me, for you and for the entire country!)
    Pereplelis' v bol'shoi moei sud'be kolos'ia v pole i silosom v gerbe! (The ears of grain in the field and the ears of grain in the crest are intertwined in my great fate!)
    Strane—nadezhnoe energoobespechenie! (A reliable energy supply for the country!)
    Ostanovit' gonku vooruzhenii! (Stop the arms race!)
    Nash deviz: 2 dnia v godu rabotat' na sekonomlennom toplive! (Our motto: Run on fuel savings for two days a year!)
    Sdelaem zavershaiushchii god piatiletki godom udarnogo truda! (Let's make the last year of the Five-Year Plan the year of shock work!)