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    John Addison Porter (1822-1866), B.A. 1842, M.A. 1845, M.D. (Hon.) 1854, (after Jennette Shepherd Harrison Loop)
    Death of General Wolfe (after Benjamin West)
    Reverend Samuel Seabury (1729-1796), B.A. 1748, M.A. 1761, (Copy after Thomas Spence Duche)
    William Baldwin Ross (1831-1904), B.A. 1852, M.A. 1855
    December Sunshine (Peasant Knitting)
    John Davis (1787-1854), B.A. 1812, M.A. 1822
    Gutenberg Inventing Movable Types
    Ready to Start
    Bellerophon Attacking the Chimera
    View of Yale University and New Haven Green