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    Bol'she torfa Leningradu (More Peat for Leningrad)
    Znamia sovetskoe, znamia narodnoe pust' ot pobedy k pobede vedet! (Let the Soviet Flag, the People's Flag Carry Us from Victory to Victory!)
    S prazdnikom, druz'ia! (Happy Holiday, Friends!)
    Masterstvu uchit'sia—vsegda prigoditsia! (Study a Skill—You Will Always Be Useful!)
    9 fevralia 1947 g. den' vyborov v verkhovnyi sovet RSFSR (February 9th 1947: Election Day for the Supreme Soviet of the USSR)
    Nash put'—v kommunizm! (Our Path—To Communism!)
    Zaderzhat' prestupnika—tvoi dolg! (Arresting Criminals Is Your Duty!)
    Slava partii Lenina-Stalina—organizatoru pobedonosnykh vooruzhennykh sil SSSR! (Glory to the Party of Lenin and Stalin—Organizer of the Victorious Armed Forces of the USSR!)
    Kolkhoz v nizhne—volzhskom krae (A Collective Farm in the Lower Volga Region)
    Materi vsego mira, borites' za mir! (Mothers of the World, Fight for Peace!)