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    Povysit' urozhainost' i rasshirit' posevy sakharnoi svekly! (Increase the harvest yield and expand the plantings of sugar beets!)
    Oktiabrenok, ne zabud'—chestnym i pravdivym bud'! (Little Octobrist, don't forget - be honest and truthful!)
    Slava gorodam geroiam! (Glory to the hero cities!)
    Sokhranili pamiatniki kul'tury! (Let's save the monuments of culture!)
    Imia tvoe neizvestno. Podvit tvoi bessmerten. Pavshim za rodinu, 1941-1945 (Your name is unknown. Your deeds are immortal. To those who fell for the motherland, 1941-1945.)
    Ne pomerk net podvig (Heroic deeds do not fade)
    400 let russkoi pechatnoi knigi (400 years of the Russian printed book)
    Stroit' bol'she, bystree, luchshe! (Build more, faster, better!)