Performance, Gallery+Blue

Thursday, November 8, 2018, 5:30 pm

The human obsession with the color blue dates back to ancient times, when societies from around the world used the color to decorate sacred objects that they associated with divinity. Visitors to the Yale University Art Gallery this season can learn more about the ancient preoccupation with blue in the exhibition Sights and Sounds of Ancient Ritual, opening November 9. Join Raffaella Donatich, BK ’20, Kai Dougan, ES ’19, Rachel Kaufman, TC ’19, Daphne Martin, MC ’19, and Alejandro Nodarse, ES ’19, as they talk, sing, and write in blue across the Gallery’s collection, and contemplate the vastness of blue as a visual and conceptual category. The program includes a preview of the “Seeing Blue” section of Sights and Sounds of Ancient Ritual. Alexandra Thomas, Wurtele Gallery Teacher and Ph.D. candidate, African American Studies, leads a blue themed highlights tour at 6:30 pm.

Gallery+ is an ongoing series of collaborations that invites students to respond to the Gallery’s collection through special programs and performances.

Open to: 
General Public

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