Gallery+Control Group

A person seated on their knees on the floor of a gallery. Next to them is a boxy orange object resembling a dresser but in an L shape

Silver Liftin, B.S. 2023, performs next to the installation Boiler Room, London Studio by Do Ho Suh, M.F.A. 1997, during the Control Group’s 2019 program at the Gallery.

The Control Group, Yale’s only experimental performance collective, invites you to participate in an immersive experience exploring the boundaries between interior and exterior, public and private. Audience members cycle through small performances in various areas of the Gallery—from the Margaret and Angus Wurtele Sculpture Garden to the Happy and Bob Doran Tea Gate, if weather permits—activating collection objects along the way.

Gallery+ is an ongoing series of collaborations that invites responses to the Gallery’s collection through special programs and performances. Generously sponsored by the Martin A. Ryerson Lectureship Fund.