A Conversation about Photobooks with Lee Friedlander, David Goldblatt, and Richard Benson

Covers of Lay This Laurel (Richard Benson), Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom (Lee Friedlander), and The Transported Kwandebele (David Goldblatt)

The photobook is an important method of dissemination for many photographers, as it extends beyond the reach of exhibitions and makes the work available to a wider audience. Renowned artists Lee Friedlander, Richard Benson, and David Goldblatt discuss their own photobooks, including The Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom (Friedlander), Lay This Laurel (Benson), and The Transported of Kwandebele (Goldblatt), which highlight the photographers’ attention to civil- and human-rights subjects. The conversation considers the multiple steps necessary to produce high-quality publications, as well as the process of editing and sequencing photographs for inclusion in a photobook.